*We offer long term discounts (one month or over)

*We can accommodate smaller birds into larger cages, the price will reflect a larger bird cage size as deemed appropriate.  Does not apply for holidays where upgrades are unavailable.

*We no longer provide wooden or paper toys in the cages. You must bring one with you or you may purchase one upon drop off for 20% off. Otherwise, plastic toys will be provided.

*Birds on specialty foods, such as Harrisons or Roudybush will need to provide the food. You may purchase one upon drop off for 10% off. Otherwise, an additional charge of $1/day will apply.



Boarding Rates

 * Effective January 1st, 2020 *

Monthly Rate: 15% OFF Boarding

Lg. Macaws: 




Goffin/Lesser SC2:


Umbrella/Med SC2:


Mollucan 'too: 


Af. Grey/Amazon/Sm. Macaw: 




Pionus/Caique/Lg. Conure/Quaker: 


Green Cheek Conure or Cockatiel: 




Also available for your bird sitting needs is our Boarding facility.  Fresh food, proper diets, clean cages, attention by employees only, and a big screen TV to fall asleep to are just some of the features your bird will enjoy at Tropic Zone Boarding.  Pricing includes

the cost of basic food(seed and/or pellets, plus morning chop). 

PLEASE book a reservation at least a week in advance, and a month in advance for a holiday.  Call the store at 602-493-7387.

ALL BIRDS are REQUIRED to have a vet visit and physical done (good for 1 year). 

Recommended vet to use:

Arizona Exotic Animal Hospital

Dr. Stephanie Lamb, DVM ABVP (Avian)

Dr. Anthony Pilny, DVM ABVP (Avian)

2340 E Beardsley Rd

Suite 100

​Phoenix AZ 85024