Boarding Rates

 * Effective February 15th, 2017 *

Weekly Rate: 10% OFF Boarding

Monthly Rate: 15% OFF Boarding

Lg. Macaws: 




Goffin/Lesser SC2:


Umbrella/Med SC2:


Mollucan 'too: 


Af. Grey/Amazon/Sm. Macaw: 




Pionus/Caique/Lg. Conure/Quaker: 


Green Cheek Conure or Cockatiel: 





*We offer long term discounts (one month or over)

*We can accommodate smaller birds into larger cages, the price will reflect a larger bird cage size as deemed appropriate.  Does not apply for holidays where upgrades are unavailable.


Also available for your bird sitting needs is our Boarding facility.  Fresh food, proper diets, clean cages, attention by employees only, and a big screen TV to fall asleep to are just some of the features your bird will enjoy at Tropic Zone Boarding.  Pricing includes

the cost of food/toys.  

PLEASE book a reservation at least a week in advance, and a month in advance for a holiday.  Call the store at 602-493-7387.

ALL BIRDS are REQUIRED to have a vet visit and physical done (good for 1 year). 

Recommended vet to use:

Arizona Exotic Animal Hospital

Dr. Stephanie Lamb

Dr. Darius Starks

20040 N. 19th Ave. Ste. C

Phoenix, AZ 85027