Tropic Zone Exotic Birds - Daisy

Daisy, the Sulfer Crested Cockatoo

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Meet Daisy. Our girl Daisy is a sulfur crested cockatoo. She's a little on the smaller side, but we believe she a Greater Sulfur Crested. Daisy is believed to be between 7 and 10 years old. In her previous home, Daisy formed a deep bond with an older gentleman. Unfortunately he passed away suddenly and circumstances out of her control brought her to us. As you can see, this sweet girl is naked on her belly. She's also got some bare spots on her back. Over the last few months some of her feathers have started coming back. She will never be fully feathered, but we hope with time and a stable environment where she feels safe and loved, some of those feathers and the down underneath will fill back in. Daisy cannot fly. Her left with is constricted and she does not have full extension of it. We don't know the exact reason for this, but the vet believes it may be a sign of an old injury that never healed properly. Due to this, Daisy can be unsure of her footing and you must be careful when picking her up. All the more reason for someone to come love this cuddle bug.

Daisy is available for adoption, but a very special person will need to come along. She prefers men, but we've seen her have some positive interactions with women. She will need a lot of time out of her cage and she loves to cuddle. Daisy has a long life ahead of her and a big heart full of love to share with someone special. Are you that person? Come by and see Daisy May and maybe fall in love.

Adoptions require multiple visits under the watchful eye of Tropic Zone staff. If Daisy makes it clear that she does not like you, then an adoption will not be possible. She has to pick you first. We want to make sure that this beautiful girl finds the best possible place to land.
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