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Adoption - Cosmo

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Meet Cosmo

Cosmo is a 25 year old African Grey. Presumed male, but the gender is unknown.

Cosmo is quite the chatter box and makes a lot of sounds. He talks quite a bit but only when he wants to. Cosmo picks up new sounds quickly and it won't take long for him to blossom and share all of his secrets with you.

As you can see, Cosmo is a plucker, and has been for some years. This can be mitigated, but it's doubtful that the feathers will ever fully grow back at this point. All this little guy wants is love.

Adoptions require multiple visits over the course of at least 2 weeks before the bird can go home with you. We look for the interaction between the bird and the prospective owner. It's important that the bird can form a bond with you and if the bird makes it clear that it does not like you, then the adoption will not be possible.

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