Chico - ADOPTED!
Chico has been adopted by a great family!
Meet Chico, the Severe Macaw

Chico is a 30 year old, female Severe Macaw. She's only had one home in her life and she was well loved.

The lifespan for Severe Macaws is up for debate but realistically, 30+ years seems to be a great life for them.

Chico is showing her age. She is partially blind, but nothing really stops her if she has her mind made up on going somewhere. In typical Severe Macaw fashion, she can be nippy, but it seems to be in response to her limited eyesight. If you approach her calmly, and speak to her in a soft voice she won't be startled. To pet her, approach slowly and raise your hand where she can see at least the shadow of it and you'll have a better chance of her letting you pet her without being nipped.

This sweet girl just wants a place to feel safe and loved for whatever time she has remaining. Will it be with you?

Adoptions require multiple visits over the course of at least 2 weeks before the bird can go home with you. We look for the interaction between the bird and the prospective owner. It's important that the bird can form a bond with you and if the bird makes it clear that it does not like you, then the adoption will not be possible.

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