Ricci - ADOPTED!
Ricci has been adopted by a great family!
Meet Ricci

Ricci is a 36 year old Double Yellow Headed Amazon. He is very friendly, but can be intimidating because he uses his beak for leverage as he moves around. He's not biting or even trying to, but he's keeping himself stable and sometimes he can pinch as he does so.

Ricci doesn't talk much, but he does say Hello and makes a ton of noises. He does not like other birds and is a one person bird. He loves to be sprayed with water and will bathe if given a dish of water to splash around in. Ricci needs his beak and nails trimmed regularly.

Adoptions require multiple visits over the course of at least 2 weeks before the bird can go home with you. We look for the interaction between the bird and the prospective owner. It's important that the bird can form a bond with you and if the bird makes it clear that it does not like you, then the adoption will not be possible.

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