Stevie & Tater - ADOPTED!
Stevie & Tater have been adopted by a great family!
Meet Stevie & Tater

Stevie is a 10 years old female Catalina Macaw. The Catalina is a hybrid between the blue & gold macaw and the scarlet macaw.

Tater is an 8 year old male Greenwing Macaw.

They are a pair and must be adopted together.

Stevie & Tater are friendly, and co-exist well with each other. They are not a breeding pair, but nature always has a way so they should not be put into an environment where breeding is encouraged.

Please stop by and see them today!

Adoptions require multiple visits over the course of at least 2 weeks before the bird can go home with you. We look for the interaction between the bird and the prospective owner. It's important that the bird can form a bond with you and if the bird makes it clear that it does not like you, then the adoption will not be possible.

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