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What is Tropic Zone doing to keep customers safe from COVID?
As an essential business, we take pride in keeping the store as clean as possible. We've taken the following steps to ensure the safety and continued health of our customers and employees.

We've limited interaction with store birds. While Covid doesn't infect birds (as much as research can tell us) it can live on their feathers for a period of time. By limiting the interaction between customer and our resident birds, we've cut down one possible source of transmission.

Our point of sale system is touch screen based. The screen and credit card terminal is wiped with alcohol after each customer use.

All food dispensers, shopping carts, and any chairs that customers may use are cleaned with a disinfecting solution several times each day.

If you're uncertain about coming into the store for your own reasons, we do offer curbside pickup. Just call the store and if we have the item you want we can take a payment over the phone. Give us a call when you park and we'll have someone bring it out to you.
Why do I have to make an appointment for grooming?
In order to comply with local regulations and remain open as an essential business, we had to limit the number of people in the store at any given time. Moving from a walk-in to appointment based grooming schedule made good sense. We were able to service our customers and remain open. Based on the feedback from our customers, we decided to keep it going forward. We have split the grooming schedule on Saturdays. Appointments for the morning and walk-ins beginning at 2pm. Check the Grooming page for more information.
Why do I need a vet check to board my bird?
We take pride in maintaining a safe environment for customers, employees, and our feathered friends. To prevent the possibility of an illness coming into the store and spreading between customers birds we request that all birds are seen by a vet at least once per year. Birds are notorious for hiding an illness and once you notice that a bird is ill, it may be too late. Vets are trained to spot possible problems at an early stage. Having a yearly exam helps make sure that your babies are in the best shape they can be.
Your selection of birds seems small. Why is that?
We don't buy birds from large wholesale breeders out of state. All of our baby birds come from Arizona based breeders, or breeders local to the Phoenix area. Our breeders don't manipulate their birds into breeding outside of their normal season. The availability fluctuates throughout the year and from one year to the next. We prefer to sell quality birds over quantity.
I have an emergency and need to board my bird. Can you help?
If you have an emergency and need to board your birds, please call the store and ask to talk to the owner or one of the managers. We determine this on a case by case basis, but we try our best to help out where we can.
What is a bird adoption?
A bird that is available for adoption is one that has already had a home. Our mission is to find the best possible match between the bird and their new owner. Adoptable birds will never leave the store the first time someone interacts with them. The prospective owner must come in at least 3 times to visit with the bird. This give us an opportunity to see that the bird can form a bond with the new owners. Put simply, if the bird doesn't like someone it will never go home with them. It's not in the best interest of the bird.
My bird is sick, can you help?
We are not trained in veterinary care, and it's best to let the professionals help you. While it used to be possible to purchase some simply antibiotics for birds many of those products are no longer on the market, or are available to veterinarians only. We recommend the Arizona Exotic Animal Hospital for all of your birds' medical needs. You can find them at the link below.

Arizona Exotic Animal Hospital
Can I Order Something and have it shipped to me?
Absolutely. We have several customers that live out of state and they frequently order things over the phone. We use flat rate shipping boxes where we can. You'll be charged for the products, tax, and whatever the shipping is. Just call the store and someone will be happy to help you.
Why can't I take pictures or record videos of your birds?
We've recently changed this policy to allow customers to take pictures of birds.

A few years ago someone took pictures of resident birds in the store and created a fake website where they were scamming people by selling birds that they did not own. If this were to happen again, we will return to the policy of no pictures.

Retail stores are private establishments, not public spaces. Store owners have the legal right to set their own policy regarding photography or video recording within the building.

Please don't use a flash when taking a picture. Flash photography may scare a bird and cause it to fly away in fear, potentially injuring itself in the process. The large windows in the store can reflect flashes and startle a bird in another part of the store.

You may approach another customer and ask their permission to take a picture of their bird, but we ask that you respect their wishes if they decline.

If you have purchased a bird, or have placed a deposit on a bird, then you are welcome to take as many pictures of that bird as you want. Please limit those pictures to yourself, your immediate family and the bird itself.
Do I Have to Sanitize My Hands?
We have stopped our policy of asking customers to sanitize their hands when they enter the store. It is still available at the front of the store should our customers wish to use it. If you are handling a bird, you MUST have clean hands before you can touch the bird. This means you will either need to use the sanitizer that's available, or use the restroom to wash with soap and water. If you are unable or unwilling then you won't be able to handle a bird. This is for the safety and well being of our birds. It was our policy long before COVID appeared and will continue to be our policy when customers interact with birds.
Why Do You Have Birds That Are Not For Sale?
We have several resident birds that won't ever be for sale. Sandy, the Blue & Gold Macaw is very old and has some health issues. Tropic Zone is the best place to be for her and there are a few staff members that she loves. At her age it would be traumatic for her to leave us. We also have Echo the African Grey. Many years ago he was purchased as a baby by a store employee. The man put in his will that when he passed, Echo would come back to the store. He is no longer with us and Echo now lives at the store. To honor his wishes, Echo will remain at the store. There is also Orlando. He is the greater sulfur crested cockatoo that is near the front of the store in the grooming area. Orlando is a personal pet of the owner, but he lives at the store. Going home with her each night became too much stress for him and he made it clear that he loved being there. Now he lives at the store full time. There are a few others that will be permanent residents for various reasons. Our customers love seeing them there.
Can You Save Bird Feathers For Me?
There is such a demand for bird feathers that we simply cannot accommodate requests to save them.

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