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Boarding and grooming prices will increase on October 1, 2023

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Page last updated: 2/22/24

Thanks to a generous donation by the Arizona Republic, we have restocked our supply of newspapers.

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Here at Tropic Zone, we take pride in everything we do, from our customer service to the way we clean the store each day. We are not salesmen; we want to find the right birds and products for each customer. We encourage our customers to come "test drive" at our store.

Our baby birds are hand fed and socialized so you get the most enjoyment out of having one of our babies as your companion. We raise them onto a pelleted/treat/fresh food diet. Our birds eat like royalty! 

When you come in the door, you'll notice that Tropic Zone is a different kind of place. We put a lot of time into cleaning not only the cages, but also our grooming and play area. Every cage, every play stand, or anything that a bird touches gets cleaned every single day. Smaller birds that are prone to being very messy as babies get their cages cleaned twice each day. Water dishes are cleaned and refilled at least twice per day, sometimes more if needed. All dishes are cleaned with a pet safe disinfectant. This is why when you enter Tropic Zone you don't smell anything but clean air.

Sales for February!

Toy Tuesday returns - take 20% off any regular prices toy on Tuesday.

Food Friday is back - buy 1 pound of any bulk food at $7.99 or less and get 1 pound of the same of lesser value for free. Max of 1 pound free.

15% off prepackaged bags of Goldenfeast, Roudybush, and Preferred Exotic products.

We get a lot of requests for them,
but we do not sell feathers.

These are resident birds, or babies from the past. Being pictured here does not indicate that the bird is for sale.