BeBop, the African Grey Parrot

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Page last updated: 6/13/24

Meet BeBop, the African Grey Parrot

BeBop is another permanent resident here at Tropic Zone. BeBop belonged to Angel, the daughter of our hand feeder, Lexi. They had a love / hate relationship. Lexi loved BeBop, but he hated her. Lexi started hand feeding birds for Chirp n' Dale's 27 years ago and carried on when we moved to our current location and became Tropic Zone. Now that Lexi is no longer with us, BeBop always seems to know when we're missing her and he will let out a cackle that sounds just like her. It's like she's back in the store causing a ruckus.

BeBop is not picky about his food, and will eat just about anything we give him. He enjoys his fresh chopped veggies each morning and will usually shove his face in the bowl as soon as it gets put into his cage. He's also fond of wooden toys that he can break up into slivers. BeBop isn't above snacking on a finger, so be careful around his cage.

BeBop is very vocal and makes a lot of sounds. He doesn't really say words, but he does bark like a dog, as well as a spot-on imitation of our telephone. It's not uncommon to be on the phone with a customer and they ask if we need to put them on hold while we answer the other line. It's not the phone, it's just BeBop. In typical African Grey fashion, BeBop is very fond of rude noises. He's like a teenage boy who loves toilet humor. He waits until customers walk by his cage and and then he will belch really loud. More than once a woman has turned to her husband and chastised him for belching or passing gas in public only to find out he was the innocent victim of BeBop's sense of humor. If you've encountered Kiwi, the Umbrella Cockatoo, you've probably heard the crying sound he makes. Orlando, the Greater Sulfur Crested started imitating Kiwi with the same sound. Now BeBop does it as well. In the late afternoon all 3 of them will get going and we're not sure who is making that noise.

Stop by and say HI to BeBop the next time you're in the store, but don't take it personally if you are accused of being gassy. That's just BeBop saying Hi to you in return.

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