Carlin, The Yellow Naped Amazon

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Page last updated: 6/13/24

Carlin was originally a Tropic Zone baby, and she has come back to us due to life changes. She is a permanent resident for the time being as she's a customer favorite. Carlin is a patriotic girl with a repertoire of songs and comments. While she prefers blond woman she will sometimes sing for anyone who is nearby. If you start off God Bless America, she will sometimes finish it or alternate lines with you. She can also sing Hail To The Chief and the Marine's Hymn. Carlin has also dropped a few sarcastic remarks that get a chuckle from anyone nearby. A few months ago two customers were having a conversation nearby and one asked the other a question. Carlin said, "I don't work here". This past summer she gave one of our cage cleaners a chomp and a few hours later when she saw him she said "We don't like this one". She is a sassy girl and seems to pick up new things all the time.

Stop by and meet Carlin. Maybe she will surprise you.
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