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Page last updated: 6/13/24

Meet Echo, the African Grey

Echo is a 15 year old African Grey and is one of two resident Greys here at Tropic Zone.

Echo was originally a Chirp n’ Dale’s baby that was purchased by an employee. Unfortunately he passed away, but had made a provision in his will for Echo to come back to us. Twice Echo went home with a family and at first it seemed like a good fit, but once in his new home, Echo wasn’t happy and stopped eating. It was decided that Echo would spend the remainder of his life here at Tropic Zone as part of the resident flock and he’s been happy ever since.

Like Vinny, Echo is very particular about who can interact with him on any given day. He loves Chelsea and he’s very in tune with her schedule. If Chelsea is working, it’s rare for him to let anyone else take him from his night cage to his stand. If Chelsea takes a day off, Echo will be very vocal that day. He doesn’t scream like some Greys, but he will say his name and drag it out - Echooooooo Woo Woo. We joke that Echo is the 4th and feathered member of The Gap Band - You Dropped A Bomb On Me. He frequently makes the long drawn out sound of a bomb dropping then a small explosion at the end.

Echo does things on his own schedule. If he doesn’t feel like coming out of his night cage, then he will nip at us. We usually tell him we’ll go take care of someone else while he has some birdy coffee and wakes up. If we give him 10 minutes, he's usually a little less grumpy.

Echo's favorite thing are his chopped veggies and his bells. As soon as he goes onto his tree he shoves his face into the bowl and starts chomping. Frequently throughout the day, he will be seen ringing the various bells in his tree, but most often will stick his face into them, make a small noise in order to hear it echo back, then drop them to the side. He's very fond of the most obnoxious bird toy ever made - a bunch of metal measuring cups connected to chains that hangs off of a PVC connector. He loves banging it around and making as much noise as possible.

Echo is on the tree directly behind the gate to the bird area. Stop by and say Hi to him. If you're lucky, you might hear him meow like a cat.

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