Sandy, The Blue & Gold Macaw

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Page last updated: 6/13/24

Meet Sandy, the Blue & Gold Macaw.

She's another one of our resident birds and is not for sale. Sandy is estimated to have hatched in 1956 and has been at Tropic Zone since late 2019. Sandy was a breeder for many years, but unlike most breeders, she had some basic training and is still friendly towards humans. Unfortunately, breeder birds tend to get discarded when they are no longer productive and after a rehome, she ended up in our care. She will most likely be here the rest of her life. This old gal rarely flies these days. She can, but it’s just too much effort for her. When you have so many servants, it’s easier to just have one of them carry you around like the grand lady you are. With Sandy being a breeder for so long, she may be the mother, grandmother, or great-grandmother of countless blue & gold macaws in Arizona. She’s a tough old bird, and like any tough old grandmother, you don’t cross her.

Sandy’s favorite things are the guys who work at Tropic Zone. She will gladly kiss them when asked, and when one turns his back, she will happily kiss another. She’s notoriously unfaithful and when confronted about her infidelity she turns her head and ignores you. We joke that Sandy is our resident cougar, in bird form. When it comes to the women who help take care of her, she is very particular with her affection. Mostly she tolerates them, but has become a little more civil over the

Sandy’s favorite foods are - corn and cashews. Without a doubt, corn is her absolute favorite. Where other macaws pin their eyes when they are angry, or agitated and use it as a warning, Sandy pins her eyes when she’s happy. When she gets corn, her eyes shrink down to tiny pinpoints and she squeaks. If corn isn’t available, then a cashew makes her almost as happy.

Sandy looks rough around the edges, but she makes up for it with personality. She makes no excuses for anything and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Imagine if Mae West had been reincarnated as a macaw - that would be Sandy.

If you’re in the area, Sandy says come up and see me sometime. The sooner the better.

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