Tina, The Dusky Headed Conure

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Page last updated: 6/13/24

Meet Tina, the Dusky Headed Conure

Tina has been with us since the fall of 2019. She is a special needs little girl and will spend the rest of her life here at Tropic Zone. Tina has some neurological issues that stopped her development early in life. Even though she gets fresh food, water, and chopped veggies each day, she does not know how to eat on her own. Two or three times a day, someone will hand feed her bird formula, or a mixture of ground pellets and water. Feeding her is the first task in the morning when we arrive, and one of the last things we do before we go home. She’s a tough girl and just rolls with what life has thrown at her. She may have had a stroke at some point because she has weakness and limited motion in her right foot. That doesn’t stop her at all. She climbs up the side of her cage and hangs out near the top. We keep her perches low for her safety, but she goes wherever she wants. For a bird that can’t walk, she can still fly. Not very well, but the fact that she can says a lot about her determination.

The picture is of Tina after her evening feeding, before she gives herself a good shake to get the extra food off of her beak. For whatever time she has left, we take every opportunity to let her know how much she is loved, and she gives it back to us tenfold. Tina is usually on the outside of the fence at the top of a rolling cage stack. She doesn't see very well, so please don't tap on her cage, but stop by and say Hi to her.

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