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Page last updated: 6/13/24

Meet Vinny, the Amazon Parrot

Vinny has been in the Tropic Zone family for at least 35 years. He was originally owned by Noreen, Dawn’s sister, then Maxine, their mother, and now he lives at Tropic Zone with the rest of the resident flock.

If Sandy is the grandmother at Tropic Zone, then Vinny is the God-Father. Vinny is a quiet, contemplative kind of guy. He doesn’t have much to say, but when he does, everyone listens. In Vinny’s case, that means he’s let out a scream and all of the other birds have jumped down onto the floor. We think he does it because he likes to see us scrambling to pick everyone up and get them back on their stands.

Vinny’s favorite things are his chopped veggies each morning, and he’s very demanding about it. If the chopped food isn’t already on the stand when he gets there, he will let you know he’s unhappy with you. As Vinny has gotten older, the chopped food is pretty much all he eats. He picks at a few seeds here and there during the night, but he doesn’t care for it anymore. It’s not unusual to see him with chopped veggies all over his beak because he’s had his face so far down in the dish trying to get every last piece of it.

Vinny has had two great loves in his life. His buddy Pepe, a Hahn’s Macaw. They were great friends, but Vinny was a little too protective of Pepe so he moved to the store where he met Monster, another Amazon parrot. Her name was originally Baby, but she was given the nickname Monster because of her size. Monster eventually passed and now Vinny lives a quiet single life.

Vinny is very particular and likes to do things on his own schedule. Sometimes he doesn’t want to come out of his night cage until he feels like it. We offer him a hand and if he feels like it, he will step up. If not, he will nip at us. Some days he wants a specific person to take him out and anyone else is at risk for getting a nasty bite. The one thing you never do is offer Vinnie a kiss. Your lips will be mangled by the time he’s done with you. Vinnie rarely talks, but once in a while you will hear him say "I love you!".

If you’re in the store, stop by and say Hi to Vinny, but do it with respect. He’s the God-Father and he’s not above putting a hit on you if he feels like you’ve slighted him.

We lost Vinnie on November 30, 2022. He passed peacefully after having a stroke that morning.

Fly high old man. We'll miss you!

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